Sunday, 22 November 2015

Why was there a revolution in Iran in 1979?

The Iranian Revolution of 1979 saw the 2500-year-old monarchy, led by the Shah of Iran, swept away by a popular movement which put in power an Islamic Republic under the Ayatollah Khomeini. Since 1953, when he led a military coup against the popular Prime Minister Mohammad Mussadeq with support from the USA and the UK through the CIA and MI6, he had ruled as an absolute monarch with virtually no popular support.

Read through pages 143 - 146 in the 20th Century textbook, making notes as you go, and listen to the following podcast:

Complete the following 10 mark question:

How far was the Shah of Iran personally responsible for the overthrow of his regime in 1979?

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The Rise of Saddam Hussein

For the first part of this, we will consider the rise of Saddam Hussein to power in Iraq. We will also consider the early part of Saddam's rule in Iraq, up to the start of the Iran-Iraq War in 1979/80.

You will need to be able to:

  • Explain the role of Khairallah Tullah in Saddam's rise to power
  • Explain the reasons Saddam spent 11 years as Bakr's deputy
  • Give the main features of the "personality cult" set up around Saddam.

You must be prepared to discuss these, and other points, in class.

You should read through, and make notes from, pages 133 to 141 in the "20th Century History" textbook.

You should also listen to the two linked podcasts below, and watch the video about Saddam. Make notes from these and be able to show how these link to the points above.

Introduction - the Flipped Classroom

This unit will be taught using the concept of the "flipped" classroom. This means that you will be expected to do the reading / research prior to coming to the class, and then be prepared to discuss the reading and research in the classroom either by way of a class discussion or by completing a written task. This is similar to how you will be taught at University, regardless of where this university is.

The success of this style of learning is entirely dependent on you. You are responsible for your own learning of this unit. If you do not complete the reading or research, you will be unable to participate in the class. You will also not have a complete set of notes with which to revise for your exams - I will not be delivering this in a "lecture style".

You will need to make full use of the resources I provide for you. You can, and should, also try to research some resources of your own - this will assist your learning and could give you greater insight in the classroom.

Good luck - if there are any problems then speak to me.